Bubble Oodles

$ 14.95

Looking for the BEST bubbles ever? Once you've tried our Bubble Oodles Bubble Wand and nontoxic bubble solution, you'll fall in love and so will your kids! An easy to use wand makes it easy (and cleaner) to blow lots and lots of bubbles without much effort. In fact, the slower and less you blow, the more bubbles come out! A uniquely shaped wand with 6 holes allow better and more bubbles to form. Once your bubble solution runs out, you'll need a refill so we offer our 8 oz bottle size of Bubble Oodles to last you many more hours of bubble fun. Nontoxic formula. Makes lots and lots of high quality bubbles that last awhile and kids all kinds of fun popping them long after you stop blowing! Miss blowing bubbles when it's cold outside? Use Bubble Oodles to blow bubbles indoors when it's cold outside. Unlike regular watery bubble solution that leaves a mess, our bubble solution is thicker and dries to a thin film which is easily vacuumed or wiped away (when it even leaves any trace). Need birthday party favors? Try our bubble solution for lots of fun!

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