Gecko Wall Lamp

$ 92.95

The stylish and ecofriendly Gecko Wall Lamp is a piece of stunningly modern funky lighting. The frame is constructed from strong and durable wrought iron, powder coated in order to ensure the longevity of its color, with the main gecko body wrapped in abaca twine providing a contrast of striking design. Abaca is a sustainable fiber and can be regrown in a short period of time without destroying its habitat, making it very ecofriendly.

The lampshades are created from fossilized dyed cocoa leaves, a very earth friendly and time intensive process which brings out the natural beauty of each leaf. Since all leaves used are natural, they absorb dye at various rates, thus creating the effect of various shades and hues among the lamp color, providing depth and interest. Only the highest quality of leaves are selected for use on the lampshades, meaning no peeling or disintegrating during use. The sealant used to adhere the leaves to the shades helps to preserve them and ensure their longevity and the shade stability.

We recommend against placing your lamp in direct sunlight. If cleaning is required, use a dry cloth or duster, no liquid cleaners or water. These lamps are easy to maintain and require no special handling.

A standard 25 watt candelabra bulb is recommended for the Gecko Wall Lamp (or an ecofriendly compact fluorescent bulb with an e-27 base). Due to the structure of the lamp it is necessary to hang the lamp on the wall pointing either up or down. Setting it on a table or hanging it sideways could trap the heat in and cause overheating which will fade or ruin the lampshade over time. Lamp features push switch instead of the typical clumsy toggle variety.

Lamp uses 1 bulb and measures approx 24" x 6" x 24". It is available in several colors: multi, green, natural, purple, or red.

Due to the handmade nature, slight variations may exist in dimensions and finished product.

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