My Bed Made Magnet Set

$ 32.95

NOTE: My Bed Made will be shipping out beginning mid August

My Bed Made is a magnet set including 4 magnets which hold all layers of your bedding together as one unit so making your bed in the morning is fast and simple. My Bed Made holds your top sheet, blanket and comforter together allowing you to just find the 2 My Bed Made magnet sets and pull to each top corner of your bed - PRESTO! Your bed is made in seconds.  


Since My Bed Made helps hold your bedding together during the night, you don't lose a blanket and become uncovered as you sleep. Because they are magnets, no damage is caused to your bedding, no sticky residue, no poked holes, easy to remove when laundering... easy, easy, peasy! 


My Bed Made is made of a shatter resistant, specially designed and engineered plastic that encases a rare earth magnet (product is not recommended for children under six years old,) NOTE: My Bed Made is not intended for persons with a pacemaker or any other surgically implanted device. Though My Bed Made will not cause permanent damage, as with any magnet, unfavorable results could occur if in close proximity. The manufacturer is so confident you will love My Bed Made that they provide a 60 day money back guarantee! They also make wonderfully unique wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and back to school gifts for grads off to school (and now need to make their own beds!)

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