Envirosax Tropic 5pk Reusable Bags

$ 39.95

Envirosax Tropic 5pk of Reusable Bags are the newest style of ecofriendly tote bags made from lightweight polyester, portable and waterproof.

The Envirosax Omnisax Tropic tote bags set features island inspired designs in a variety of colors along with a tropical themed carrying wristlet pouch which holds all 5 bags in the set when rolled up, so you can easily carry them with you to the grocery store, gym, beach, mall, library... or wherever you'd like!

Envirosax Omnisax Tropic Bags feature reinforced seams, and each bag measures 19.5" x 16.5" when open and fold and snap shut to a tiny 4" x 1.5" size to easily fit in purse or pocket. Each reusable tote can hold 44 lbs of weight and is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth and air drying.

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