Plumb Craft 7030500N Perfect Flush Adjustable Anti-Siphon Toilet Tank

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Product Description

The adjustable perfect flush antisiphon toilet fill valve is the perfect solution to bring your toilet up to code. Our anti-siphon fill valve features patented after installation ADJUSTMENT from 9"-14". this ensures your toilet gets just the right amount of water providing a powerful flush while maintaining a fast and quiet fill. This flush kit will fit most toilets and replaces your old-fashioned leaky, noisy ballcocks, float balls and most fill valves. Keep your home's Plumbing running streamline with toilet repair and toilet flapper repair products from Plumb craft, the trusted brand for over 50 years.

From the Manufacturer

7030500N Perfect Flush Adjustable Anti-Siphon Toilet Tank

  • Adjustable toilet fill valve from 9" to 14". features a fast powerful flush & quiet water fill
  • Anti-siphon technology provides water supply protection keeping your drinking water safe
  • Exclusive 2 piece seal made of high quality compounds, resistant to hard water/chlorine corrosion
  • Toilet repair kit/float valve Fits most 2 piece toilets including: American standard, KOHLER, etc.
  • Easy to install. Toilet repair kit includes easy detailed instructions
  • Prevents toilet water from backing up into drinking water
  • Quiet