Reusable Produce Bags - Premium Washable BrightandBold Gourmet Eco Mesh Bags for Grocery Shopping & Storage of Fruit Vegetable & Garden Produce

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Our premium washable mesh produce bags are great for carrying home your fruits and vegetables from the grocery store or farmer's market. They make a great ecofriendly net bag alternative, with a mesh material which allows your produce to breathe and moisture to be released, instead of being trapped against your produce as with plastic bags. Machine washable, color coded strings and labels. Multifunctional bags can be used not only for produce, but also for art supplies, toys, makeup, beach accessories, etc...

  • Premium washable mesh bags for grocery shopping & storage of fruit, vegetable & garden produce
  • Ecofriendly net bag alternative, durable mesh material allows your produce to breathe and reduces moisture trapped as with plastic produce bags, causing premature spoilage
  • Machine washable, they are easy to take with you to the grocery store or farmer's market
  • Color coded labels with matching color drawstrings allow you to easily spot your desired produce (i.e. red holds apples, yellow holds lemons, etc..)
  • These bags are not only great for holding produce, but other items as well, including: makeup, beach supplies, travel toiletries, small toys, crayons and art supplies, snacks and much more!

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